Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Beginning

Well, it's official. I've started a blog. Why a blog, you say? Because I've lost my mind and want to document it. Maybe that's a little harsh. I'm challenging myself and want to document it.

This year, I'm on course to have finished 57 knitted projects. Some of these were small projects that took me less than a week to complete. Some were socks designed by Cookie A. that took me close to a month to complete (I'm looking at you, Sake). And I even knit a blanket and sweater for my dad in that time too. I knit over six and a half miles of yarn this year!

In 2012, I want to do big projects. What's more perfect than a sweater? Nothing feels better on a cold Wisconsin night than curling up under some hand-knit wooly goodness. Not to mention my Ravelry queue of projects I want to make is nearly 1/2 full of sweaters.

Part of this challenge for me is swatching. For the non-knitters that might be reading this (hi Mom!), that's when you knit a little piece of fabric with the yarn and needles you'll be using on your actual project so you can see if your knitting tension matches up with the designer's. For things like scarves it's not crucial that you swatch because if it ends up an inch wider than what it's supposed to be, who cares? For sweaters, it's pretty darn important. A difference of a couple of stitches in your swatch multiplied out by the circumference of a sweater can mean your sweater means your sweater is now sized to fit an NFL linebacker, or even worse, a ballerina.

I've always been pretty lax about doing gauge swatches. "I'm a tight knitter", I tell myself. "I'll just go up a needle size and it will even out". Well no more! The entire reason of knitting yourself a sweater is that it will fit you like a glove. Oversized sweaters don't exactly fit that bill. This year my knitting "resolution" is to do my due diligence and swatch before I start knitting a sweater. 12 sweaters, 12 swatches.

So that's what I'll be doing in 2012. I hope to post about once per week on the status of my works in progress. I have the yarn ready for my first sweater; I just need to finish up a couple of projects before I dive in. Wish me luck!

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  1. Allison, I'm so proud of you! This makes me smile hugely. I love seeing you express your passion for knitting and I wish you luck on your goal of 12 swatches and 12 sweaters in 2012!