Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Polar Bear for Christmas

Earlier in December I found the pattern Bradac and decided it would be a good use for some white yarn I had leftover from a blanket I made. After waiting two weeks or so for some plastic eyes that I ordered on Etsy to arrive from Taiwan, I really focused on finishing this project. I want to finish up all the little projects I have so I have a fresh start for the new year.

pattern: Bradac, by Leah B. Thibault
yarn: Martha Stewart Extra Soft Wool Blend, in color Buttermilk
needles: 4's, dpns
raveled: Bradac

Last night I finished the bear and made the mini scarf this morning. He measures about 12" from nose to tail, and is super cuddly. It took me two weeks from cast on to cast off, but I was only knitting for about two or three days on him in that time. I really liked this pattern because it was entirely seamless, something you don't generally find in softies.

I would have loved to get some photos of this guy in some snow but the mild winter we've had didn't allow for that. I think I may keep him as part of my Christmas decorations. Hopefully we'll have a white Christmas next year!


  1. OMG i stumbled onto your blog via reddit and I read the 12 sweaters pledge! I am an avid knitter as well, but I would never commit to knitting 12 sweaters in a year! I mean, its not like its not possible, but aren't there other things you'd want to knit in the meantime? What makes you want to do this?

  2. @Miss Maria
    For me, it's mostly about necessity. I already have about two weeks worth of socks and plenty of winter accessories, but I don't have enough sweaters. In fact, I only have one hugely oversized sweater that I would never wear in public.

  3. Your polar bear is adorable! I will try to not be a gushy, proud Mom but it's hard.