Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FO: Rae

Yesterday night I completed my Rae for my local yarn store's January/February knit-a-long. It was a very simple pattern of all garter but it was fun to watch it progress. I really liked this pattern because it allowed me to use a varigated yarn that I would never use in any other project. I'm just more of a solids or tonals kind of knitter so the varigateds don't get much love.

The Dream In Color Smooshy that I used was lovely and soft. It did, however have a slight oddity to it. One side of the project is mostly blue, but the other side is mostly purple and brown. I think it works in this project and adds character, but it did surprise me.

pattern: Rae, by Jane Richmond
yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, colorway "Into the Mystic"
needles: 6s
raveled: Rae


  1. I really love the yarn you chose, it is a great match for this project for sure. Also, the last picture on this post is beautiful or, dare I say it, perfect. Wonderful job!

  2. I'm going to have to make one of those, it looks so easy yet so beautiful. Yours is stunning!

  3. Very nice! I only use variegated yarns for socks or shawls like that. Never for sweaters! It would drive me nuts for sweaters!

  4. I've seen a lot of different Raes and yours is truly one of the nicest!

  5. Smooshy is such a good name for the yarn! Interesting that there would be different on each side though.

  6. is this a good pattern for a novice knitter????

    1. Absolutely! All you need to know how to do it the knit stitch and the m1 increase and k2tog decrease, which you can learn in a couple of minutes from youtube if you don't know them already.