Sunday, March 25, 2012

FO: Nightlock

It's been a fairly busy week for me so I haven't had much time for knitting or blogging, but I was able finish a shawl this week! I've had two skeins of fingering weight yarn in my stash for awhile and I've been wondered what to do with them. I've always wanted to make a Stripe Study Shawl but I didn't have enough yardage and didn't want to make adjustments. I was therefore pretty darn happy when I saw a new pattern that got released about two weeks ago.

pattern: Nightlock by Lisa Mutch
yarn: Another Crafty Girl Merino Sock in Lagoon and Zest
needles: 6s
raveled: Nightlock

It's a crescent shaped shawl worked from the top down. I started it last weekend on the drive to visit my boyfriend's family and finished it yesterday. Nothing like a garter stitch shawl to boost your confidence! For the main blue section and first larger stripe section, I only had to worry about increases on the edge of every row. The "icicle" section is made by sets of paired increases. Thanks to this project, I will never again have to look up the difference between m1r and m1l.

I love this pattern so much because it's extremely wearable. It lays well no matter how you put it on so it's not a fussy shawl at all. This shawl was really a mystery for the majority of the time I was knitting it because it was so scrunched up on my needles. It was only after I bound off (using the decrease bind off to keep it stretchy) that I was really able to see what I had been knitting. Blocking totally perfected the shape.

The yarn I used for this project was amazing. I found Another Crafty Girl yarn through an ad on Ravelry. It's hand dyed yarn that has wonderful subtle color tones. It's not as visible in these pictures, but the Zest color also changes between light and dark yellow. Such a perfect combination for this funky, modern pattern!

Sweater fever is starting to overtake me after knitting all of these smaller items. I had a hard time deciding what my next project would be, but I finally decided last night. I should have my swatch finished by tonight!


  1. Gorgeous! Haven't seen this pattern before, looks a dream on.

  2. Oh wow, this is amazing! I've never seen the pattern before now either, it does look incredibly wearable and pretty fun to knit too (once you get to the color changes). I really love the colors you chose too, they look very unique.

  3. Thank you for sharing this, I really like this pattern and it's going in my favorites right now. Yours is beautiful, the colors are amazing and I can only imagine what it must look like in real life.

  4. Awesome shawl! The colors really go well together! Also, I know how nice it is to use up stashed yarn. A lot of my stash is just waiting on the perfect project!

  5. I'm so in awe of this gorgeous shawl. You picked the perfect color combination and yarn ... what a beauty (and you look beautiful wearing it, too).

  6. It is gorgeous! The colors are really stunning!