Thursday, April 26, 2012

WIP: White Pine Update

It's about time for a work-in-progress update. I finished the body of the White Pine cardigan I’m working on. This is what it looks like all done (which is pretty similar to the last WIP photo I posted).

The body of the cardigan has been sitting on my living room coffee table for about a week and a half. I’ll admit, I was honestly too lazy to change out the needles for stoppers so I could use them to start the sleeves. A couple of days ago I finally summoned the willpower to do so and cast on for the sleeves.

Then I ran into a problem. The amount of cast on stitches that the pattern calls for in my size produced a cuff that was about two to three times the circumference of my wrist. I’m making the cardigan with zero ease, so I wanted the whole thing to be pretty snug. Giant bell sleeves certainly wouldn’t work. I read through numerous project pages and it looks like a couple of other knitters had the same problem.

I ripped out what I had done and cast on again, using the stitch count for the small or medium size. I have about an inch done and it looks much better. I don’t think I’ll manage to finish this cardigan by the end of the month, which puts me slightly behind schedule. I’m not particularly crazy about that idea, especially considering I won’t be knitting as much during the summer. I might have some bulky weight vests in my future...


  1. Yeah, giant bell sleeves would not be great. I'm stuck on my sweaters right now too, sometimes you just need some time apart. I'm loving the color though, it will look lovely on you!

  2. Shoot! That's happened to me before, too. I do have very skinny wrists ... but still! Persevere! I'm so in love with the color you've chosen. Like Pumpkin said, it's going to look lovely on you.

  3. It's interesting to me that knitters sometime have to rip up their finished work. That would drive me crazy. I love the color.