Monday, September 17, 2012

FO: Acer Cardigan

Well, it's official. I'm the worst at getting pictures taken in any sort of a timely fashion. I managed to knit a cardigan in 17 days but couldn't organize myself to take a picture of it for an entire month. Better late than never, right?

I knit this cardigan for Ravellenics during August. It was my first time participating in the event and it sure didn't disappoint. Knitting a sweater that fast was certainly a challenge. The Saturday before the closing ceremonies I stayed up until 2am finishing the sleeves on the cardigan so that I could block it and have it ready to go to knit the button bands the next day. The deadline was a wee bit stressful towards the end.

pattern: Acer, by Amy Christoffers
yarn: Misti Alpaca Tonos Worsted, colorway Copper Penny
needles: 4s and 5s
raveled: Acer Cardigan

I had originally planned on using different buttons for this cardigan, but the ones I ordered on Etsy didn't arrive in time. It's a bummer when you find out the seller is from Hong Kong if they didn't have it listed on their profile :(

The buttons I used I actually got at a gun show last year. What I was doing at a gun show, I'll never know. They are made from shed deer antlers, which is pretty cool and very unique.

The yarn I used is 50% wool and 50% alpaca, so it is soft, soft, soft! It also has a really nice tonal variation to it. I alternated skeins every two rows so it wouldn't pool at all.

My only modification to the pattern was to knit the shoulders by picking up stitches along the opening and knitting them top down, instead of sewing them in. I did this mainly because I'm not that good at finishing, so I knew I would be unhappy with the results if I was under a deadline. It worked out fine, and I really enjoy the process.

As a little bonus, I'd like to link to an article about my local yarn store. It's an interesting read and it even says Orange is in!


  1. Congrats on a job beautifully done! Your Acer cardi looks great on you and I love the color that you chose. Hmmm, I like your modification ... I may consider that with my next cardigan.

  2. I know how you feel about photos, I live alone so finding a photographer is difficult sometimes!
    I do love your color choice, and even though they aren't the ones you wanted, the buttons look great!

  3. I love this pattern and you did a great job choosing a color that sets it off!

  4. It looks great!! I agree, picking up stitches is better than going in and sewing them on.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the colour on you - what a classic cardi. I love the buttons - they totally suit the sweater. Good idea to do picked up sleeves - I think I'll do that next time I knit this (I'm thinking of another one ...).

  6. Really beautiful! I love the cables down the back. I'm sure you'll get lots of wear out of this for years to comes! The buttons are pretty neat too!

  7. The combination of color and pattern are brilliant. Beautiful knit Allison!

  8. Beautiful choice of color and it suits you perfectly!

  9. Lovely cardi! I love all of Amy Christoffer's designs and it looks fab on you and in orange. Doing the photo shoot is so hard sometimes, isn't it?

  10. Love the finished sweater and picking up for the sleeves is ingenious! Btw, thanks for sharing the link to my article - and, yes, orange *is* in!

  11. You'll make Brian smile but so will buttons from a gun show! You did a beautiful job on that Allison. It's impressive you can knit so quickly and punt and deliver when needed.