Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIP: Idlewood

And I'm back to sweaters! I started working on this sweater on January 1st this year and I'm over halfway done with it. The pattern is called Idlewood and it's a top-down tunic-length sweater with short sleeves and pockets. I will be altering the pattern so it has long sleeves because I couldn't see myself wearing a sweater this thick with short sleeves. It's just not practical in Wisconsin, ya know? I'm still debating putting pockets on the front.

I'm using 3 skeins of Cascade Eco Wool that I bought off a fellow Raveler for $15. That's right, $15 total. Just goes to show that mindlessly wandering the stash listings on Ravelry pays off sometimes. I originally wanted to make DownEast by Alicia Plummer, but my gauge wasn't even in the same ballpark as the pattern's. Oh well, it's definitely getting made at some point. I love that cable down the front!

My gauge for this was a little funky too. I swatched in the round and from that determined that I should make the largest size to have it work out to the actual size I needed. I cast on for the cowl section (which is thankfully the same for all sizes) in a needle one size larger than the main section. It was looser than the pattern gauge, so I decided that I'd actually be o.k. knitting the size closest to my measurements rather than having to adjust. Maybe I was super stressed when swatching so it was really tight?

The gauge on the main part of the section looks like I'll be pretty close to having a zero-ease sweater, which is what I was going for. My goal is to finish with this sweater in early February so I'm free to start a project for Ravellenics (a.k.a. the festival of craziness where you try to finish a project during the Olympic games along with a bunch of other knitters). I still need to decide what pattern I want to do- a lacy cardigan for me, or a vest for my husband. The vest is mostly seed stitch (which I loath), so I might have better luck finishing the cardigan, even if it's a lot more yardage. To be determined!

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